Basement Flooding in Toronto

basement flood

Over the last few years we’ve seen a change in the Toronto weather. We have experienced heavy rain fall, and this trend is expected to continue. The City of Toronto has been working to upgrade the underground pipes and sewers to assist with the increased water levels.

Unfortunately, many home owners have experienced flooding in their basements over the last few years. Homeowners can take several steps to prevent their basement from flooding. The immediate step a homeowner can take to help reduce their flooding risk is disconnecting the downspout from the sewer system. The Toronto city council has recently approved a bylaw making it mandatory for property owners to disconnect their downspouts. To get more information about how to disconnect your downspout, visit the City of Toronto website. The City of Toronto website has several help videos and images with information about how to properly disconnect your downspout.

The City of Toronto has also introduced a Basement Flooding Subsidy program. This new subsidy program provides financial assistance up to $3,400 to homeowners that install flood protection devices such as a sump pump, backwater valve and pipe severance. To be eligible for the subsidy, you will be required to complete the 5 following steps:

  1. Select a licensed contractor to complete the work. The city recommends that before the work starts, to contact the Municipal Licensing office at 416-392-6700 to verify that the contractor is licensed. If the contact is not licensed with the city, you will not be approved for the subsidy.
  2. Obtain a permit from the City of Toronto Building Division. Whenever completing renovations on your home, you are required to obtain a permit from city before the work starts.
  3. The completed work must be inspected by the City.  The City of Toronto also recommends that you schedule an inspection before covering the completed work.  A City inspector must approve the completed work by contractor. If you do not receive an approval, you will not be eligible for the subsidy.
  4. Complete the Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program application form.  To download a copy of the subsidy application, please visit Basement Flooding Application Form.

Mail in your completed application form along with your original invoice to:

Basement Flooding Protection
Subsidy Program
City of Toronto
PO Box 15266 STN B RM B
Toronto, ON, M7Y 2W1

The basement flooding subsidy is only available to registered owners of a triplex, duplex or a single family home within the City of Toronto.  For information about the Basement Flooding Subsidy program, you can visit the City of Toronto Flooding Program website.

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Basement Flooding in Toronto
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