Intact Now Covers Car Sharing with Turo

Turo is Ontario’s first peer-to-peer car-sharing company. Turo allows local car owners to offer their personal vehicle to a community of pre-approved renters through an online marketplace. Peer-to-peer car sharing is very similar to renting a car from a rental company, e.g. Enterprise, but instead of using a car from a company owned fleet, you borrow […]

Uber Driver Crashes, Passenger Injured, and the Multi-Million Dollar Question : Does Uber’s Policy Cover UberX Drivers?

A 59-year-old gentleman named Kirit started to work for Uber a few hours a day in late 2015 in order to supplement his income. While driving a passenger in mid January, 2016, he got into an accident with another car causing injuries to his passenger and $10,000 in damages to his car. Kirit contacted his […]

Water Insurance is Changing

Many of us recall the flood of July 8th 2013. This storm pounded the West Greater Toronto Area (GTA), especially Etobicoke. The storm dumped 126 mm of rain on The City, 90mm in just two hours. This is more rain than fell during Hurricane Hazel! More rain than we normally see in an entire month, […]

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