Home Sharing


It should come as no surprise that Canadians, with our international reputation for being friendly and generally trusting, are naturals in the sharing economy. Many Canadians are considering sharing their homes on a short term bases. Rental websites such as AirBnB, Flipkey, VRBO, and HomeAway have made it very easy for home owners to find potential short term renters. Sharing your home can be a great avenue to supplement your income but what about your home insurance? Is your home protected if a renter damages your home?

Most homeowners unfortunately don’t consider the possibility of a potential loss. A recent study shows that 51% of homeowners who rent their home are unware that their insurance wouldn’t cover potential losses or damages that could occur.

Aviva now provides coverage for home sharing. Home sharing insurance is designed to protect home owners from potential losses to personal property or their residence. Home sharing insurance also provides coverage for Liability, protection for criminal acts and much more.

Aviva is the first insurance company to design an insurance product for the home sharing community. Their home insurance coverage provides you with 4 coverage options to choose from and coverage applies to home owners, condo owners, seasonal/secondary homes and rental income properties. Home sharing insurance is not designed for long term rentals over six months or annual lease situations.

You might be wondering, how much does it cost? The price is based a few factors such as your current home insurance premium, the number of days that you rent your home per year and optional coverages. To get an estimate for your current property, please click here.

This new home sharing insurance product is available in all Canadian provinces and territories as of February 1, 2017. For more information you can visit Aviva’s micro-site avivacanada.com/home-sharing or contact miBroker.

Home Sharing
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