Transparency or; how we get paid

miBroker is dedicated to educating our customers on the insurance process and transparenty. This extends to how we get paid, and our corporate structure.


miBroker is a division of McClelland Insurance Brokers Limited, privately owned and managed by the McClelland Family. There are no other direct or indirect financial interests or relationships that effect the operation of our Brokerage. We’re truly independent, which is becoming unique thing. It’s not uncommon for brokerages to be partially or wholly owned by insurers.


Historically, brokerage compensation has been and continues to be controlled and set by insurers. This compensation is a percentage of and included in your premium. This represents our revenue, from which we pay our staff, overhead, and reinvest technology to make managing your insurance easier. All of our insurers work with similar commission schedules:

Personal Automobile 10% – 14%
Personal Property & Liability (homeowners, tenants and condominium) 15% – 20%
Business Auto 7.5% – 25%
Business Property & Liability 15% – 22.5%

Individual Brokers

Relax, everyone that works at miBroker gets paid with a salary, not commission. In addition to a base salary they get bonuses based on their sales performance and customer feedback.

Profit Sharing and Contingent Commission

We have a contingent commission contract in place with all of our insurers. Payment of this commission depends on a combination of growth, profitability, volume, retention, and additional services that we provide. This compensation is based on our entire portfolio of business with each insurer and not on individual policies. Contingent commission is calculated by the insurer and is not guaranteed.

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