condo insurance

More people than ever are living in condos, especially in downtown Toronto and urban centres around the GTA. A lot of people think they’re covered by their condo corporation insurance, but this isn’t the case. The insurance fees condo owners pay as part of their monthly maintenance goes towards insuring the building and its common elements. That’s it. Unit owners are responsible for insuring their personal property, upgrades to their unit, and should carry liability coverage.

Our condo policies include coverage for just about any situation you may face. Some of these include:

  • Contents – All your stuff including any valuable jewelry, art or collections you might own.
  • Unit betterments and improvements – Like that ultra modern kitchen you had put in.
  • Loss assessment coverage – If your condo corporation incurs a loss they’re not insured for, or is sued, they’ll issue a special assessment to the unit owners. These can be costly and are becoming more common, especially in older buildings.
  • Liability – Accidents happen, a guest could slip and fall, a leaking sink could cause damage to a unit below. Liability insurance covers you for actual or alleged wrong doing.
  • Discounts – can be packaged with auto insurance as well as deep discounts for mortgage free individuals, age, claims free and more!
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