Intact Now Covers Car Sharing with Turo

Turo is Ontario’s first peer-to-peer car-sharing company. Turo allows local car owners to offer their personal vehicle to a community of pre-approved renters through an online marketplace. Peer-to-peer car sharing is very similar to renting a car from a rental company, e.g. Enterprise, but instead of using a car from a company owned fleet, you borrow […]

Uber Driver Crashes, Passenger Injured, and the Multi-Million Dollar Question : Does Uber’s Policy Cover UberX Drivers?

A 59-year-old gentleman named Kirit started to work for Uber a few hours a day in late 2015 in order to supplement his income. While driving a passenger in mid January, 2016, he got into an accident with another car causing injuries to his passenger and $10,000 in damages to his car. Kirit contacted his […]

Ridesharing Insurance for UberX Drivers

Ridesharing is part of the emerging sharing economy and includes services such as Uber’s UberX. Ridesharing continues to grow at a rapid pace and is absolutely changing the way we travel. Uber has made a deal with Intact and bought commercial coverage for their drivers. This means that those insured with Intact can now drive for Uber for no […]

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