Uber Driver Crashes, Passenger Injured, and the Multi-Million Dollar Question : Does Uber’s Policy Cover UberX Drivers?

A 59-year-old gentleman named Kirit started to work for Uber a few hours a day in late 2015 in order to supplement his income. While driving a passenger in mid January, 2016, he got into an accident with another car causing injuries to his passenger and $10,000 in damages to his car.

Kirit contacted his insurance provider and they explained to him that because he was driving for Uber at the time of the accident, he had breached his automobile insurance policy and the claim would be denied. At this time Kirit notified Uber of the denied claim. Kirit had to pay for the damages to his car out of pocket.

Kirit then got a call from a lawyer representing the injured passenger indicating that she would be making a claim for compensation. He immediately notified his insurance company and also Uber. At this time Uber’s representative assured Kirit that they would help him but needed to have his insurer’s position in writing.

At this time Kirit’s lawyers got in touch with his insurer again and asked whether they would be supporting Kirit in a future lawsuit. Again the insurer stated that Kirit has breached his contract by driving for Uber and that they would not be defending him in the event of a lawsuit.

This information was passed onto Uber who has said nothing since assuring Kirit they would help him, despite repeated requests for a response.

Kirit is now in a very uncertain place and if Uber will not step up to defend him, Kirit may lose his home.

If you are driving for Uber it is of paramount importance that you have the correct ridesharing insurance. If you or anyone you know drives for Uber consider ridesharing insurance to protect yourself and your passengers.


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